Share your startup - June 2015

  • Name / URL: DraftCrunch
  • Pitch/Explainer Vid: Bloomberg for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). Explainer Video! DFS is an exploding market -- $14M in 2011 to $1B in 2014 and is estimated to reach $30B by 2020 (135% CAGR). People are making a lucrative living playing DFS and pundits are comparing it to the new era of day trading, but 85% of players experience pain points relating to: 1)time/effort required to make a competitive lineup, 2)complexity of current fragmented data sources, and 3)lack of a competitive edge. These pains are similar to those found in the finance world as well, but that industry has a plethora of tools like Bloomberg, Morningstar, Etrade, etc. DraftCrunch is introducing these fintech-type tools DFS to alleviate market pains.
  • Status: We have a proof of concept built and are now developing our MVP the launch in time for the NFL season. DraftCrunch won first runner up at two University of Texas pitch events and have conducted lengthy interviews with over 150 DFS players who validated the concept and a majority said they would pay upwards of $150/month. We're incorporated, have 4 founders, 1 employee, and 3 contractors. Only contractors are paid cash -- the rest equity.
  • Looking for: We're looking for individuals who are interested in what we're doing to sign up to on our landing page -- We'll keep you posted on our launch and promise to not spam or sell any data. Additionally, we are raising our seed round and would like to chat with interested investors. Oh... and an invite to post on Product Hunt would be awesome!
  • Discount: Reply to the signup email you receive upon signing up with "r/startup" and we'll give you 3 months free premium access.
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