Sharethread November 29, 2015

Was cleaning up my Facebook page and stumbled upon some pants-shittingly bad poetry I shat out in high school. Thought I'd post a few of the hilariously horrible highlights on here for you to enjoy. And please, feel free to tear it to shreds, I know how bad it is.

Damocles' Blade Cold my hands, as cold as death, This city's sorrow steals my breath. Chill my soul and chill my sight, My hopes and dreams fill the long, dark night. Keen my senses, swift my thought, But in due time I'll be forgot. Strong of arm and fleet of foot, Will all one day be ash and soot. As our pure world now falls apart, Damocles' Blade stabs at my heart.

Quixotic Jesters Quixotic jesters, my foolish kin, traipse ever through your loopy days, but linger not in foolish ways, I do not chide nor call it sin, (I too myself indulge herein) But oh, so much beyond your walls Is found break free from bathroom stalls, abound, and filter out Into the streets and crowds and shout. Don’t languish in your sullen room, professing love and hurt and doom. Tarry not in squalid thoughts, Profess, digress, or be forgot.

The Candy Glass Ceiling Spiritual sheep present their offerings To the candy glass ceiling of bygone ages Grasp the bloodied tabernacle in your sweaty palms And praise the blight of love. Let those affluent nimrods jettison their cargo of cares For their petty wounds cannot be sealed with coin. The loins of men are swollen with deceit And the candy glass ceiling complies. Purge your putrid carcass of love And join the starch collared battalions. Cast your lot with the bleating appendages And ostracize the braying ass. His foolish revolt will cost him dearly, But nothing is dearer to him than the approval Of the bleating flock and their candy glass sky.

...Yeah. What a load of pseudo-intellectual bullcrap :P You can tell I thought I was very smart and misunderstood.

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