My first poem was ignored, no comment no nothing, lets see how this one goes.

If my over sensitivity hurt you, you can drink my tears and moan somewhere else, secondly this is a male 29 yo, and no one tried to kill themselves, i just imagined 30 yo beautiful woman, alone, at her house, on a holiday, reflecting on her life that she spend in fear, now there is a lot if us who spent their life at fear including me, hoping this poem hit our guts to try living our life to the fullest.

Now my friend, you seem angry, and if i'm being honest, you are quite mean, now you should've picked another front to fight against, because as i said, you obviously seem that you wanna empty whatever bad vibes you've been generating recently, in here..

Not my problem if you are surrounded by some -lost attention seeking wanna be writers- teenagers that ruin your taste, isn't my problem. Go see last night in so ho, miseducation of cameron post, the road dance etc, all in this same category and been killing it in cinema.. if you want to see something, do it, not complain about not having it, those who pushed boundaries has been obstructed by people with wrong vibes, like you.

Finally, hating popular things doesn't make an interesting person.

Oh p.s: i didn't intend for anyone to think that i'm actually trying to kill myself. Nonetheless, it got me into that stagecoach didn't it?

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