Should we get a Wiki entry for VPNs going?

i cant believe you all.. aussies? activists? redditors... i say fuck this lets protest! this shit cannot go on.. what goddamn example are we setting here? "should i get a vpn now" no! you should drag your ass down to the closest parliament house or whatever and spray paint it saying big brothers evicted!, throw eggs at your states rep! if ever there was a time to adopt a little anarchism its now. if we let this happen then not one of you is allowed the luxury of remaining ignorant to the fact that your a god-damned spineless sheep and you know it.. we can see what's happening and were going to do nothing? this government has to at least make it look like it represents us, so we can make them dance like the puppets they are, everyone of you who reads this needs to shoulder the responsibility individually make it your own mission (like i am now praying that i have somehow inspired or motivated someone somehow) so i can walk down the streets of with a fucking sea of people that are gonna scare the shit out of those pig headed idiots in charge of the country .. go put that little extra mile of determination you rarely call upon to stop this from happening and we can look back on this and say that was us, "the internets own kids" fighting to keep it the way it should be, you all have the expertise, numbers, knowledge and organisation to put a stop to this. you have to realise this is the call to arms that is your 1v1 pRedditors v government think how easily this could topple them how easy it will be to rile up any passer by on the street about how the government really is watching you! and theyre making you pay to let them hahaah! idiots! they're banking on there being no resistance they're so confident they are broadcasting it on tv while we watch and expecting that we all assume such insignificance.. i mean shit whats next implants?.. such blatant disregard for the society it is supposed to at least pretend to serve is infuriating!. we need to set the bar. draw the line, those of you who know how to start a petition, those of you who know how to do some "digging" into those politicians closets, organise rallies, protests... hand out shit making everyone aware.. do everything and anything in your power we can stop this so lets do it. if for nothing else do it for Aaron Swartz.

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