Calls to ban pet cats roaming outside to protect native fauna

I love dogs more than anything, I’m quite literally saying this is no one bats an eye when there’s an untrained dog because apparently bogans having guard dogs is apparently come sort of fucked up culture here.

If you want to deal with that card then yeah sure easy, every cat gets a collar every one that doesn’t have one by a certain date gets taken and checked for a chip.

What are people actually doing about unclipped mutts though. Nothing.

Because a cop isn’t going to fucking squat on the ground to check for you dogs balls or know the difference between a red nosed pitbull and another breed

My BIL literally has one in the fucking backyard that tried to murder every new person that walks in the house.

But people just don’t like to talk about it. I just pointed out how people don’t call those people retarded but people who take cats in and aren’t lonely fucks have to deal with cunts accidentally letting pets outside or air cons that require open windows large enough for a cat.

But no people who purposefully acquire aggressive mutts aren’t fucking stupid I guess they’re just true aussies lmao.

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