what do you eat while on a budget?

Lots of good cooking ideas here already.

I note your comment about your illnesses. And lack of time.

I reckon you should not see it as an either/or situation. It’s not fast food or home cooking.

Make a couple of positive changes to your diet - and don’t beat yourself up about fast food for a certain number of meals per week.

My daughter has a very busy lifestyle and lives alone. She spends an hour or two late Sunday afternoons doing her meal prep for the week. She makes a big batch of something and portions it for dinners or lunches during the coming days.

She doesn’t mind eating Sunday dinner and the same for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday lunch. People eat the same fast food day after day, too!

If suitable she freezes portions. Curries, stews and sauces like bolognese freeze really well.

She makes sure she’s got what she needs for healthy breakfasts for the week - muesli, fruit, milk.

Her mother and I like to take some credit for her food organisation skills - lol.

Cooking can be a bit of a meditation, too - it’s worth trying to get into that frame of mind - it’s time off from work and study.

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