Simple Questions - June 01, 2017

Hi guys, I built my PC last year with this build:

I'm looking for better FPS performance, but I don't want to spend too much money (Less than 400$ preferably). What I want: 1) To be able to run VR well (no lag at all). I just need something that's optimal for VR, I don't need anything overpowered like the Titan xp. 2) To be able to play Player Unknown Battlegrounds at a solid 60 FPS. I play most games at 60+, however PUBG is still in Alpha so it may be why I get lag. I get about 40 FPS, and whenever someone shoots, I get lots of lag spikes (2~10 fps).

So I've considered a few options: 1) I could sell my Radeon R9 390 for about $190~ and buy a 1080 for ~$530. 2) I could sell my GPU for $190~ and buy the 1080 ti, which is 700$. 3) I could buy a second Radeon GPU (Not sure which one to get)

Questions/problems: Option 1: Would a 1080 be strong enough? Option 2: Expensive. Option 3: Is it a bad to invest in two Radeon GPUS? Seems like Nvidia would be better (If i wanted to go for two GPUs in the future). Also, not sure if this would even be enough. *Google says having a Radeon and a NVIDIA simultaenously is a bad idea.

Appreciate any advice.

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