[Social] Looking to finally enjoy my game play by joining a new guild (don't upvote please)


I recently joined and everyone there is VERY friendly and mature. I know it sounds cliche, but it was actually really neat. They have a great organized system with ranks, organized TeamSpeak and even the website. They even have a crafting request system on their site (All free, which is amazing...) and usually gets done in ~24 hours. VERY nice about it. Most of the levels there are indeed Veteran ranks. However, they do accept a lot people of amy levels, they aren't SUUUPER focused on just one and don't require you to log 'x' hours per day, but if you are inactive you might be kicked. They let any member take anything from the Guild bank (Please don't abuse this... Be courteous). They also have a guild store.

Although this guild is PvX, they do have events and a calender on their site to help keep up. I don't know too much on the PvE, as I'm only a level 34, but I do know they have lots of events and hold PvP events every other Saturday (This does NOT mean you HAVE to participate, just fun times :D ). Also, a lot of members do indeed PvP, I main PvP but do PvE as well, so don't worry about never PvPing with the guild except in events. I also know in PvE they do a lot of end game as I hear over TS (again I'm a low level so don't know too much about this). Also, about the fun events, they even have events outside of the game. For example; they have an event called "Hermaeus Mora's Book Club." I know it sounds odd, but it's a pretty cool concept. They talk about lore and stuff about the game. Never participated in it yet, plan to, but only read what it was about.

These people are honestly very nice and mature. They are very organized and have fun events as well!

Hope to see you join!

(I know you said EP, but this guild does have mainly DC but also has plenty EP & AD)

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