Spanish Military Finds Dead Bodies And Seniors 'Completely Abandoned' In Care Homes

Your posts just prove you know very little about the real world and will probably be liked by people who also know little, while mine will be upvoted, but sorry to tell you, irl your posts are the cushy couch Western attitude of people who know real life outside the 40 (out of 200) richest countries only from movies. My situation was normal. As was the call. In the so called “third world” where people are desperately poor and soldiers are often drunk and abuse power. The chance they’d shoot me though was a bit higher than of a person my age dying of covid19 per all data we have. But you missed the point. I didn’t want to prove I’m a hero, I’m not. I just wanted to show that people around the world are taking bigger risks daily. The last African country I visited pre collapse of world travel had it’s first cases back than. And they just laughed. Western media seems to wonder what will happen when this hits Africa, but doctors there say with the Covid19 mortality statistics they don’t have time to even thing about it. As they have dengue fever, lassa fever, malaria and sometimes ebola outbreaks and generally a life expectancy lower than the median age of coronavirus fatalities. So as I know such countries, as I’ve spent most my life in what you call “the Third World” I stand with my comments. And while I understand that most “First World” people don’t understand the sentiment, all other comments make sense, yours does not as your couch/Disney assumptions are probably the most false possible. Send me photos from your couch in DM and I’ll send you mine from the DRC or northern Mali (no not, as a rich tourist, but working)

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