[Spoilers All] If I read one more person saying Inquisition is nothing but fetch quests, I'm gonna get stabby...

I really think you're calling things "fetch quests" that I wouldn't consider fetch quests

I don't care what you would consider them, if you want to play the semantics game then go ahead, I'll just say "unfun formulaic quests". I already mentioned above that fetchquests don't have to necessarily contain fetching, despite the name. It refers to quests with such simplistic design, a menial task to do, a trivial reward for doing it, and a pathetic "backstory" for the quest that's so miniscule it doesn't deserve to be mentioned. Which directly describes most of the quests in the game.

There is quite a bit of that in Inquisition, but no way is it 70% of all quests.

Yeah it is, I could list them if you want.

Things that I would not consider fetch quests: clearing an area of enemies, discovering something while exploring and turning it in, searching for non-obvious locations or landmarks.

As already mentioned before, fetchquests do not have to contain any actual fetching. It's an umbrella term for any quest that is very rudimentary, easy to make, easy to replicate, and that serves only to pad out the game. If you have a quest that goes "talk to X, go to Y, collect Z, go back to X', it's a fetchquest, and if you have a quest that goes "talk to X, go to Y, kill Z, go back to X", it's still a fetchquest even if you aren't necessarily bringing any kind of physical object back, same goes with "talk to X, go to Y, do/kill Z, quest ends". The formula deviates very little, which is why they can all be called fetchquests, because the term usually refers to formula #1.

And believe it or not, some people enjoy collection quests

I believe that there exists a small number of people that simply enjoy doing things for the sake of doing them, I was pointing out that you shouldn't assume all collectionists are like that or that they will enjoy the banality of DAI quests.

That does not make them idiots

No, but it does make you one if your primary positive point about a game is that it has lots of stuff to do and that you spent 100 hours doing it, without actually addressing why it's such a positive point.

Providing things that different people like to do is good design

No, not really. It's only good design if you succeed. But if you litter your game with such garbage on the offchance that 1 out of 300 people may enjoy it, how would this be good design? Or are you claiming that the majority of gamers simply enjoy doing things because doing things is enjoyable, never mind the quality? If so, where do you think the criticism about the low quality sidequests in DA:I is coming from?

I was going to go through and enumerate what I would consider fetch quests and provide my own estimate for how many of the quests fit the description, and address some of your other points, like your ideas about rewarding players even for doing things they like to do, but you'd probably just call me an ignorant novice shill, so I'm not going to bother

Well your entire argument is an assertion, then when pointed out that it might not be true, you resort to semantics, which is basically what everyone does when they can't express their thoughts properly.

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