(Spoilers Main) Robert, Littlefinger, and their manic pixie dream girls

kidnapped or run away, she was a child and couldn't have consented or had the cognitive ability to see the shit storm about to happen. Rhaegar was 24, Lyanna 13/14, a child of the north where it's said not a lot of people venture to. young girl full of life wanting to be and so not than be married of to a man who already had the first of his events sixteen base born children. she's bold as hell, at a tourney at the largest castle in the seven kingdoms meets up with the Prince who is to be king. he's handsome, smart, tough, and doesn't try to put her into a box of feminine subservience, which, as we see from Arya, just serves to make her rebel even harder.

it was a tinder box waiting to explode

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