TIL 50 Cent once challenged Floyd Mayweather to read one page of a Harry Potter book

I'd feel worse about going here if you hadn't started our exchange off by making what I'm sure you'll call a joke about my spousal abuse habits, but here goes: you're either too angry or too stupid to realize you're trying to get me to argue something that I explicitly stated I wasn't and had not been arguing.

Let's try once more, with feeling:


I'll tell you again. My issue. Is the passing. Of total. Blanket. Judgment on a human. You presume nothing redemptive about the human condition once it has fallen to darkness, and I just don't grant you that horrifyingly stark perception of life because I've seen it is not the case. My life was saved by a great man who, if you'd met him on the wrong day, I'm sure you'd want hanged.

I saw a simpleton's parroting of what he'd seen earlier in the thread, and I called him out on his childlike view of the world. Then you felt the need to throw your lot in with the feeble-minded and I did the same to you.

I offer now as the time to back up your very shitty claim about me.

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