St. Louis Police quick to release security tape in Antonio Martin shooting

I agree with the sentiment, in this case I think the video in pretty conclusive, even if it wasn't a real gun he clearly lifts his arm and has something in his hand and points it like it was a gun. What happened after the shooting could be problem. I think even if the suspect did try to kill the cop, once down the cops should do everything in their power to save his life.

There are huge problems in america with how police interact and treat citizens and how citizens interact with cops. I agree the protesting is good and can bring about change. I don't think we can demonize every shooting though, especially when there are so many possibly unjustified and clearly unjustified killings. I just worry that if protests (especially if there is looting and vandalism involved) start about what most will perceive as a justified killing then that can cause public opinion to sway and lessen the chance for positive changes.

(sappy shit time) Its a shame that the kid probably wouldn't have died if he didn't pull a gun that his family and friends lost him, its a shame that the officer will now have to live with taking another humans life and even if justified I'm sure he will questions his actions all the way to his deathbed. I wish humans could figure this shit out (life) a little better. I doubt that kid woke up today and said I need a gun and im pointing it at the next cop I see. I doubt the kid was actually a terrible person, just a product of his environment. Combine that with a few bad decisions and you've got the recipe for a hard life with little reward and lots of struggle. I think things will change for the better, but I think it will be a long slow process that involves a helluva lot more than cameras on cops. It will have to be about changing how we do a lot of things. We have to commit to helping those that we seem to have forgotten. There are people in the greatest and most powerful country in the world who struggle everyday. You can't ignore those people and we have been. I don't have the answers on how to fix the world for 7 billion people. I know it feels like many of our problems are a result of greed. I know I feel like the answer is there and I hope one day society finds it. (end of keyboard vomit)

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