The States With The Most Gun Laws See The Fewest Gun-Related Deaths

No it's you that made the mistake. Typical to attack the messenger and not the data.

Also how did Man Haron Monis who had been involuntarily committed, at one point charged with accessory to murder, and who had been charged with 22 counts of aggravated sexual assault, get his hands on a gun which was used to kill in the Lindt Chocolate hostage crisis in Sydney? I would have assumed the strict firearms laws would have stopped someone with his history from getting his hands on a gun.

And their happiness with the laws doesn't necessarily reflect the real world successes or failures of those laws. When deciding if we should adopt the laws, we should critically analyze the potential impacts of the laws to rationally decide if they are worth it.

If the only measure is happiness with the laws, then clearly the American public has spoken that we don't want similar gun bans and restrictions to what australia did. In America it is more complicated because we also have constitutionally protected rights to consider, australia style gun bans would require a constitutional amendment and there is little support for that, which requires 3/4 of the states to ratify.

This is intentional, because we don't want to restrict the rights of a minority at the whim of the majority, which is why it takes such an overwhelming majority to change the bill of rights.

The whole world got less violent over the past 20 years. The data shows that they likely would have seen the same reductions even if they had not passed that gun law. There is no evidence to suggest that the gun law actually caused any reduction in mass murder or homicide rates.

The fact that firearm related deaths plummeted isn't interesting at all. The question is whether the gun laws actually caused homicide rates to fall, or did criminals continue killing people with other tools besides guns at the same rate they would have without the laws. There is no evidence the laws prevented any homicides, statistically speaking.

Remember, correlation is not causation. Don't fall into the trap of wishful thinking, just because you want the laws to be successful doesn't mean they are.

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