Steve Jobs Introducing the App Store and Why They Take a 30% Cut

I see what you meant, but that's just you inserting the bias into the results to the conclusion you want to make. In the end of the day the same app will generate double the income in iOS, that app won't be available only to smartphones of the same price like you're trying to make believe, it's a fact that the grand total of iOS users spent double the amount that the grand total of Android users, what else can I say? Mathematically speaking, iOS profit p/ year = 2xAndroid Profit p/year, the same way that 1+1=2, you can't bend or get biased by this fact. Sorry if I may sound too harsh, but I was the best student in one of the best Masters Degree in Information Management in the world, preparing data into knowledge, analysing and taking conclusions is what I do best, hell I hated studying and I won the SAS award for Data Mining and Business Intelligence awarded to the best student. What you're saying cannot be applied to this analysis, if you release the same app today in iOS and Android, a year from now you'll have earned double from the App Store compared to the Play Store. You can't compare it only to the same segment of phones with the same price... I really don't know how to put it in other words, I'm hoping this is enough. I agree that it's a legitimate option and it's up to the developers to chose where they release their app, I'm just saying that the security that Apple provides has to be paid somehow, all the teams working on it and maintaining it updated to ensure the safety of the whole ecosystem and the user. Again, I'm just enumerating another cost that Apple has that justifies the 30%, way more than Google. I brought the cut of other app stores just to show that having an open and competitive market will not always result in lower and more fair commissions taken from developers. In case you haven't read, the title is "Steve Jobs Introducing the App Store and Why They Take a 30% Cut". This cut is from PURCHASED apps, he even says in the video that FREE APPS don't pay anything to Apple for being downloaded, he's not even talking about In App Purchases, I brought In App Purchases because that's the issue Epic is complaining about. I don't see why you're bringing the root (jailbreak) of an iOS device to the discussion, Fortnite isn't even a paid app so none of your arguments are even in context with this post. And I just realised this now, after spending way too much time writing a reply based on actual facts and data, along with not trying to be a jerk just because I have knowledge and facts to support my opinion and so far you haven't provided any so I don't even know why I'm taking you serious. Fuck.

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