This is still my favorite complete Electronic composition and I made it on my first three electronic instruments (The Volcas) the day after I bought them...I peaked WAYYYY too fast.

The actual reason I have been less productive musically is that I was plunged into extreme poverty not long after this and I'm still impoverished. I was homeless for a week, currently on food-stamps, no health insurance, haven't worked in 18 months despite applying to more than 1,000 jobs (I have an excel spreadsheet I intially made to track what compnies I was applying to through which recruiter so that I wasn't submitted for a position by two different people. I now use it to prove to my parents that I'm not sitting on my ass jerking off all day), I have survived living in the most expensive city in Americ by eating a 10 pack of Twinkies every day because that is 1,600 calories for ONLY $2.50 (supplemented by vitamins), never "going out" and getting collateral loans at a local pawn shop for 17 of my instruments. The only one I have left is my Moog Subphatty simply because it's too big, heavy, and bulky to take on the bus to the pawn shop in the shitty part of town. Spirits are up though! It gives me a lot of time to research synthesizers and I've started really trying to start my own synthesizer company.

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