[Stories] What's your "something doesn't feel right" moment that turned out to be true?

I know this may sounds cliche but I have waited for the right thread to tell this story, honestly thought I never would. Christmas, 2010, my parents are divorced and it is the first Christmas in my life that my mom wouldn't see me due to the custody agreement. I call that morning to wish her a merry Christmas, and she is not handling the situation well. She was crying and asking if my dad could drop me off so she could see me. When I got off the phone I asked my dad, he hesitantly (my parents have never gotten along) said yes. After opening presents he drives me over to her house, parks the car and said I have 15 minutes, where I was expecting him to drop me off for an hour or two. I tried to argue but he said I was lucky he had brought me at all. As soon as my mom opened the door it hit me. She was very upset, red in the face from crying and wine bottles all over the apartment. I knew something wasn't right but I came inside and tried to make the best of it. 15 minutes is up and my dad is calling for me to come outside, I asked him to give me more time because I felt bad for my mom, but he wasn't hearing it. 30 seconds late he is knocking on the door, I open it and she grabs me, and tells me to go to me room. I start to head back and I hear him yell "get in the car!" She told me to go back to my room and shut the door, trying my best to de-escalate the the situation I went to the room. A few minutes later they start yelling, I come out to see if everything is ok, just in time to see him push her on to the floor. He looks at me and says "Did you see NotKenanThompson? She fell" I lost all respect for him after that. We start to leave and she starts yelling about the police. Get back to the house, go inside and he begins to tell his girlfriend what happened. I see a police car pull up in the driveway, I'll never forget that officer's name. After a lot of questioning he leaves, it was dead silent for a solid hour. Just as things begin to lighten up the phone rings, it's the hospital down the street, asking to speak with someone related to my mom. The nurse proceeds to tell us that my mother had been admitted and placed under a medically induced coma to save her life. They told us she had taken a whole bottle of sleeping pills on top of the alcohol. I've never had the courage to ask her if she was too drunk to remember that the combination was lethal.

TL:DR mom almost died on Christmas, got a bad feeling as soon as I saw her but could not have changed what happened that day

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