PTS Discussion megathread: New map, item changes, god adjustments

Sove + Heart for supports now needed. No more Midas so supports are even more behind! Watcher's is bad. I still don't see Mark being baught. Ever. Even if Watcher's is bad Mark is worse. Even with the buff. And what shoes am I supposed to build? Reinforced isn't good, Travelers is good for junglers I guess. So go directly for them CDR boots on Support boys!

I like that they nerfed Qin's. Especially with boots now not giving pen. But what now? It's still strong. Way to strong. I think anything that deals damage from max HP, current HP, or missing HP is way to strong. Even the new starter item, Geb's ult... You get the idea. Percentage based damage is way to strong.

Lotus crown is only good on Sylvanus. Ra is better with full CDR damage. Hel needs that bit of protections. Aphro can't use it on everybody so why buy it? Isis maybe if you go full CDR to spam that ult. But I don't see it being built.

Bluestone is for Solo and Hunters. So that they keep their MP and clear them waves. The fact that they removed Blue buff from duo doesn't even matter any more. They have Bluestone! If Bluestone was also for supports so that we can actually have our MP. But no Soulstone on the other hand is really good. I like it. Especially on magic ADC's like Freya and Vulcan, and Solo mages. That beaing said, as I said before any percentage based damage is too strong. Manikin is only good on early poke Hunters.

I don't see the reason for Temporal purification, or FoG being a new tree. Did anybody even use protected recall? Shield of Underworld might atually be good against Hunters. Except supports will never build it! We have to have HoG, and something like Beads/Blink/Weakening/Blink/Shell are just better actives. Other classes may use it, I guess.

I'm still waiting for that Eye of providence buff. Achilles' spear... Maybe. I don't really think it's that good. Especially because it's so situational. You can really only use it if you are 100% sure you'll win.

Basically I'm dropping being a Support and moving to Solo.

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