Story Time Sunday - February 17, 2019

Hey why not I'll throw some shit out here. We're like 3.5 months in and have progressed through some shit while my job situation was in limbo.

Sex life got real dicey the last few weeks, but we talked, worked on it a bit -- seems like we're good. You know, til we're not. I'm a little more experienced/kinky than her and also far more touchy/feely.

We've had a bunch of early bumps and it kinda goes against what I always thought I wanted/needed (easy chemistry, mutual infatuation, etc.).

We might be building something really substantial though. We often seem to be on different wavelengths but sometimes we're right there with each other, and the quality of our connection seems to be improving as we continue.

I like where it's going, she's just a solid person. So no matter what happens with us I feel like I've met somebody quality, which is rare.

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