Strive - Potential Balance Issues? [Casual Discussion]

Alright fair enough, Sorry for the Assumption.

again my point was distance based normals as whole, the fact that individual characters had different distance based normals with different damage, combo potential, hit count, and range, means that they must affect character balance, any move a character has can potentially affect character balance, even as fundamental as a 1 frame advantage can be the difference between winning or losing a fight.
This being the case it's literally impossible for these moves not to affect balance.

the same thing applies with the second point, if every character had the same projectiles and air mobility it would be very unlikely to affect balance, as it is all I was saying characters with good projectiles may or may not have an advantage because of the weak air mobility for most characters, I'm uncertainty because I'm very aware fighting games can have Tech that takes 100s of hours of practice that can completely change the dynamic of a fight.

again, Sorry for the assumption in my previous comment.

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