This sub sometimes has weird “Crabs in a bucket” mentality

Part of the issue being talked about in this thread is the extremely poor behavior in gaming in general.

In the Genshin Impact subreddit, there is a daily megathread where people can ask questions about the game, which is standard for gaming communities in general. The behavior in the subreddit is so poor that you can and often will get downvoted for thanking somebody who gave you useful advice in the thread. As in, your "thank you" gets downvoted.

Then, there's the Lost Ark subreddit, which will get you downvoted for basically everything. Doesn't matter what you say or how you say it, doesn't matter if the thread you just made has genuine value and people are saying as much -- you'll still be downvoted to shit.

I never touched League of Legends, but I heard their community is even worse.

With that in mind, are any of you guys surprised that some of these folks go into StopGaming and grace us with their impeccable manners and charm?

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