Suggestion: We figure out roughly how many MRAs are feminist refugees.

Hi, popping in our of curiosity after someone PM'd me.

Here's what would be more productive imho:

The mods of this subreddit, and of another "opposing" (dislike that word but it seems apt) subreddit all read this article.

The mods then agree to a "subreddit holiday truce" with the following rules that everyone follows.

  • the "truce" is hosted on one or more subreddits, it could be hosted on one of the participants subreddits, or on a newly created one. At any rate the doors are open and all are welcome.

  • participants should make a good faith effort to self-identify their "alignment" (flair?)

  • participants will make a good faith to effort participate in the way they are being asked; if they are asked not to use certain words - they wont, or comment only in certain ways, etc.

  • participants will show zero tolerance towards their "own side" misbehaving. They will be expected to comment with explicit disapproval, not just downvote.

  • participants will only "police" their own "side" (with the exceptions of mods)

  • discussions should avoid politics and political action as much as possible focus on individual experiences - there should be very little discussion of statistics and political action, etc - it should be full of people telling their personal and human stories of suffering and joy and people talking to each other about them.

  • discussions should be kept as light-hearted and human as possible - this is chance to connect and re-humanize (something desperately needed all around) not a chance to debate the issues in a real and serious way.

  • jokes should try to be inoffensive and good-natured as possible. This is a highly volatile situation with groups of people who are very passionate for good reasons - tact is called for.

  • this should not happen during the current holiday season and references should be avoided. the logistics will take time, but also to avoid conflation - this is it's own new holiday and reddit-specific event, it happened to be inspired by something that happened on Christmas but other than it's entirely unrelated to Christmas, Festivus, Hanukkah, etc

  • the mods of both subreddits agree to work cooperatively (though having authority only in their subreddit) within a mutally agreed framework.

This should not be construed as to make light of the very serious issues and hardships involved in gender issues all around. Those things are indeed serious business indeed.

However, it's hard to imagine a more serious and real situation than being tasked with killing someone. If these folks can manage to put it aside then so can we.

We need to realize that very often our enemy is not the person standing directly in front of us. A lot of times they are a victim too. They are just doing their best. Our enemy is more likely an idea or some far off force.

I dunno personally I like the idea and hope some subreddits adopt it, if not this one.

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