I can feel something shifting, not sure if it's universal or limited to myself.

I noticed on LSD, either my mind was in sync with the music, or the music was in sync with my mind. I took LSD to figure out some personal issues. My first trip every song that came on the radio (spotify, new station i had never listened to) had to do with like self improvement and bettering oneself as a theme.

the most recent LSD trip i was on, Just about the beginning of the peak, I was on my way to the ATM, thinking about some drama in my life that went on earlier this year.. I had a bit of a falling out with a group of friends.. While i was thinking about things, one of the friends i had the falling out with texted me and asked if i wanted to smoke a blunt with him. I hadn't heard from him in months. I was literally thinking about him that second.. it was very weird.

Even when im not tripping this stuff has been happening. i have a friend, who i also haven't spoken to in a while. Her and i had this connection that i never experienced with anyone else before. But, my insecurities kind of drove us apart (which is what led me to take LSD). Every time i think about her, She manifests.. Whether i bump into her somewhere, Whether i see her vehicle parked somewhere, Or i drive past her. I've gone months without even thinking about her.. and i don't see her.. Then one day i wonder how she is, and Boom, there she is.. that day, Every time... And i could spot her vehicle from a mile away, so it's not that i'm not paying attention or something.

I moved out of my hometown after things went south.. Somehow, out of all the places i could have picked to live, i chose an apartment in another town about a mile from her mom's house (which i didnt know at the time).. Who she just recently moved back in with.. In addition to living within a mile of eachother.. We also both work within a mile of eachother. Idk it just seems like there are too many coincidences there. for it to be "just coincidence"

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