Suicide bomber explodes in Yemen mosque just as worshipers start shouting "Death to Israel" "Death to America"

Here comes the anti-islam propaganda. By the way, if you're going to cite sources in a foreign language make sure you speak the language or you've translated it correctly. That way you won't convey completely false information to people that will drink it up readily.

I'd also like to say that most of these sources are more than TEN years old. They're absolutely not relevant, and would not depict a good view of muslims today seeing as this all happened after 9/11 and 7/7 falllout and the subsequent invasion of afghanistan and Iraq. It seems like this list is a 10 year old copy pasta to crusade against Islam.

Your first source:

This is an article stating how support for terrorism is diminishing. You mention in your bullet points a percentage of people that disapprove and leave the reader to assume that the rest is approving, this is incorrect. Then there is this median % of approval which you present as average, which is obviously incorrect since the countries mentioned do not share the same population amounts so it could never be accurately presented as % of muslims in the world as the poll itself has not presented it like that.

Your second source:

I see no poll and upon further investigating can't see the actual poll, only the article citing numbers which pretty much oppose earlier polls done in the united states by including one by a source you have mentioned, pew research center.

Your third source:

Once again, I'd like to see a link to the poll as well, besides just the article. Yes, the surrvey says that 20% have sympathy for the "feelings" of the bombers but it also says that 99% of the interviewed say the bombers were wrong to carry out the atrocitties so that's 19% of even the people who supposedly have sympathy.

Your fourth source: Stoning has existed long before Islam came to be. It was practiced by the greeks and the jews. It's not a religious problem, it's a problem of having backwards views. People from different parts of the world are not going to come eye to eye with punishment, and law and even values, unfortunately. The quran doesn't even mention stoning once. It's a manmade punishment, that has mostly turned into a political tool today.

Your fifth source:

Don't really have much to say to this one. It's a 5 year study and has links to the direct poll itself. All I'll give you is a quote from the person that conducted the research. "Of course, religious fundamentalism should not be equated with the willingness to support, or even to engage in religiously motivated violence."

There is a concensus that integration in Europe has failed, but this is not a failure that you can purely put on the shoulders of immigrants. This is a failure from the European states as well, who did not even have integration programs AT ALL when the immigrants first came over.

Your seventh source: You LINKED again, an article mentioning but not linking a Pewglobal polling.

Well, don't worry, look I found it:

Unfortunately this poll debunks your stat of 68% of palestinian muslims supporting suicide bombings against civilians. This is 28%. Only a 40% inaccuracy, don't worry. Hell the majority of palestinians even views Hamas negatively. If you want to make an argument at least back up the data you mention in your bullet points.

Your eight source:

The populations of these countries denounce attacks on American CIVILIANS. American soldiers are a different case. These countries aren't US allies, some of the governments might be but the populations certainly aren't. If you're American and you pick up a gun and go to the middle-east you'll get shot at, it makes sense doesn't it? Noone and I MEAN noone wants US troops in the middle-east except the Kurds and the US allied governments. What is the point of your article? This is ridiculous.

Your ninth source: 1 out of 4 justifies 7/7/ bombings? Interesting, because in an earlier source you mentioned it said 20% sympathizes with, but 99% still reject and condemn the bombings themselves. It almost seems like these polls do not accurately convey the real state of the muslim mindset in Europe.

Your tenth source:

Majorities in all four Muslim nations surveyed doubt the sincerity of the war on terrorism. Instead, most say it is an effort to control Mideast oil and to dominate the world. Again there is a sentiment here, especially after the invasion of Iraq and the control of oil. These are american soldiers, the consensus among muslim countries is that these soldiers weren't there to bring peace to Iraq but to secure American interests. Which in 2015 we should look at the peace in Iraq where we can see clearly that the country is in more turmoil then ever the moment the US left.

Your eleventh source:

This poll was held in Antwerp. It mentions that 10% of Muslim youths in Belgium find terrorism acceptable. Not 16%. This number rises to 16% when you only count the male youths. It's clear you don't understand the language, yet feel confident enough to post stats from this article presented incorrectly. The article also mentions that 8 out of 10 condemn religious extremism and say that groups like sharia4belgium gives them a bad name.

I'm not going to continue from here onwards, because it's too tiring and I've since realized I'm arguing against a decade old copypaste.

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