Sydney Daily Random Discussion - March 24, 2015

And then how did you get informed? The next time you were at the bus stop?

No. Not the next time I was at the bus stop.

I was in the bus and then my telephone was receiving a call. I answered it.

Police: Hello, this is the police. Where are you?

Me: I am in a bus.

Police: To where are you going?

Me: The campus.

Police: What are you studying?

Me: I am doing Certificate IV in Bookkeeping.

Police: Excellent.

Me: I thank you for your concern, but why did you call me?

Police: We received a report from a member of the public about you. You were waiting at a bus stop and walking backwards and forwards.

My thought: That is unfortunate. I thought that you were calling me because you loved me. You are attractive. I am disappointed.

Police: So do you have a contact detail of a witness, because I do not want bother with going to there to check it. It is annoying to check something which is not even illegal.

My action: I gave the contact detail.

Police: Good.

Me: I am near the campus. Only few stops away. Anyway, can you not check my Opal card?

Police: No. I can not. You have the Opal card with you. I do not have access to the information of the Opal card.

My thought: I thought that the police and Transport for New South Wales would cooperate about the Opal card for prevent crimes and investigating crimes.

Police: Anyway, Let us disconnect. I thank you for your assistance. Goodbye.

Me: Goodbye.

Anyway. He sounded bored. I would be bored if I were a police officer in a safest city. To be a police officer in Sydney is boring because there is very little crime. It reminds me about a social experiment which was done in the United States. A group of young European-American male humans were damaging a car. The group received 1 report to the police. The group of sleeping African-American male humans received 2 reports to the police. The group of African-American male humans who were damaging a car received 10 reports to the police. I know what to be an African-American human feels like.

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