Tell me about ur experience in Japan as an anime fan please

Not much to tell. I think the highlight of it all was when I took a pit stop at Super Potato in Akihabara. The KitKat variants were cool as was the onigiri at the Lawson marts we stopped at. Maid cafes are not worth it, the food looks cute but that's about it. I could've done more but I had a hangover on one of the last days and stayed at the hotel.

The capsule hotel was alright as far as the lobby was concerned. The actual unit was bareboned as expected given the price. Also stayed at a traditional inn while I was in Osaka which had some good food but half the time I was glued to the TV. Riding the Shinkansen was nice since we got the gucci seats and I made friends to trade and battle with in Pokemon.

Worst experience there was at a restaurant which I'd rather forget but aside from that, pretty cool. I did get some Urusei Yatsura VHS tapes while I was there as well as a uh... adult toy...

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