A Tennessee clinic swindled the military out of $65M. This is how it got caught

That is pure garbage. Either the scheme was different or the author doesn’t know the details. Either way a bad, misleading article. 1) No doctor can prescribe treatment that nobody needs (to an anonymous). The system will reject it. 2) For such expensive medication the patient will be asked questions directly by the VA. 3) The system will limit the prescription to one tube per month (or such). No medication is dumped in quantities on one patient. 4) The doctor that prescribed this expensive medication in large quantities to many patients will be monitored.
5) What do you do with 10 tubes (each worth $14,000)? That is $140,000....Who will exchange it for cash? The writer must be joking.

Again there are all kind of swindlers out there. But the author doesn’t know the details, just a sensational click bait article.

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