There is a group of posters here who seem to really dislike FA guys

I organized my thoughts as best as I could on a previous post of mine I'm pretty damn sick of hearing "I want new advice."

I've been a member of this forum in one way or another since 2012. Throughout my time spent here, I can say that any "useful advice" has already been said (and it actually gets quite A BIT of downvotes). I'm not talking about "just b urself" here. I've seen some quality-ass posts here that have really changed my life for the better (advice from all possible perspectives and all sorts of mentalities) and they've been downvoted out of existence because the majority of people don't want to hear it. If you want to hear any genuine or useful advice, sort by new and be patient, as it usually only lasts a few hours before the complaints roll in and it's disregarded by the majority. (This is why r/faimprovement was started).

As for demanding this completely original life changing advice never before stated, just drop it. If you want to either leave the FA state or at least feel comfortable with it, then listen to those who are generous enough to give their small morsel of insight and collect these morsels over a period of time until you draw your own conclusions. No one is going to write a novel specially designed for each and every person. A lot of content gets put on here and this is an active sub. Choose what pertains to you and ignore what doesn't.

These posts are usually aggressive (as is this one). The reason it's like that is because the majority shit on that insight and the posters talk like that because they already know what they say won't go over well with the majority (same paradox as the "you're single because you're bitter" catch-22). I used to have several accounts which I did my absolute best to give my community here this advice so heavily demanded. I never forgot about those who were stuck in depression and frustration, and I wanted nothing more than to help out that ONE person out of every 20 people reading that thread who could use that help.

I needed to make several accounts because after a few threads, my karma would hit negatives and I wasn't allowed to post...and I got banned once. My posts were shredded to bits almost every time because they "weren't nice" or were "too long," as was typical for posts of this nature written by anyone. But each thread or long comment had that ONE person who would PM me or reply with a "wow. thanks...I've never seen things that way before. This helped me tremendously," and I would be happy.

I kept writing and taking the heat from the majority in this community because I wanted to make a difference in those one or two people's lives who wanted to leave as badly as I did. We worked together and helped each other. I hope most of them have left to live better lives. AND DON'T YOU FUCKING !DARE! ASSUME THAT THE INSIGHT THIS SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE SHARED WITH THE COMMUNITY WAS "GENERIC" OR "USELESS." We tried EVERY approach to escaping FA we possibly could to make a clear path for those in need later in the future, and we gladly took the backlash that came with it. Even if it came from the mods themselves.

I apologize for the anger behind my words.

I'm not in the best of moods right now. The last thing I wanted to read was a comment that denied the existence of the well intentioned contributions me and others have made over the years. I'm sorry if you thought I was dishing it out on you. I was speaking to everyone.

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