Things are shockingly similar to the February 24th and March 10th runup so far. Gamma squeeze indicators from the previous T+21/T+35 have returned. Their doom approaches.

Hey u/criand a question for you.

Seeing that the NYSE has the power to halt trading if they deem it, and then they do halt it indefinitely (because fuck retail). Shorts and FTDs can’t really be cancelled right?

So what happens if us diamond handed fuckers never sell? This poisonous cycle never ends? The government and federal agencies (appointed to address market fairness) just let this shit go and on?

What happens to GameStop and Cohen if this happens and that mayonnaise slathered fuckface? He won’t be able to exit his positions either, so what will he do if he’s already been margin called or shares have been recalled?

I guess trading halts are really interesting. If the powers above us think that they can scare us into selling, lol do they have another thing coming.

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