Thoughts? I'm not disabled but I thought this was a pretty silly argument.

As a disabled artist: it’s bullshit. We’ve been making art our own ways forever, I don’t know any disabled artist who should think “oh I’m gonna give up on my art and just type sentences in an ai” A lot of “new” technological tools are actually helpful, digital art makes it way easier to make drawing accessible. I don’t even understand his bedridden point, it has never stopped any bedridden people. Nowdays people make art using their brain waves. People make art using eye movement. Sarah Ezekiel who make art using her eyes said it has made her life worth living again, you think typing prompt in an ai, waiting a second, looking at the bland, empty result, then skipping to the next one would have the same effect? It doesn’t, it doesn’t for anybody, because art for an artist isn’t about an idea, then a result, it’s about everything in between.

So yeah this dude is just using us to defend stealing from artist. I didn’t even comment on the “mentally disabled” part because I don’t think it deserve answering

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