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Anyone know how you report paying someone you're living with rent to up your SSI pay amount? I assume normally you have to have like a check or something but if you're paying with cash I'd imagine it's more difficult.

I couldn't find any how-tos or anything like that indiscriminately searching.

Just send a letter explaining the household expenses and what you pay to your local Social Security office. Make sure its signed and dated by both yourself and the person you live with.

You don't need copies of bills and such, but it wouldn't hurt to gather them up in case they ask for proof, which once again, they probably won't.

Example letter with a made up people:

RE: Updating the living arrangements of Jim Poop SS# XXX-XX-XXX.

To whom it may concern,

I, Jim Poop, have previously resided within Bob Poop's home and received in-kind support in the form of free housing, which resulted in my Supplemental Security Income benefit being reduced by one third. Beginning June 2020, I began paying my fair share of the household expenses of approximately $500/month to Bob Poop.

The monthly household expenses of Bob Poop's home are approximately:

  • Mortgage - $850

  • Food - $500

  • Home Insurance - $50

  • Property Tax - $250

  • Utilities - $300

  • Garbage Collection Fee - $50

The total monthly household expenses are $2000/month. Four people reside in Bob Poop's home (Bob Poop, Mary Poop, Jim Poop, and Jack Poop), thus making my fair share of those household expenses approximately $500/month.

I am writing in the hopes that my Supplemental Security Income benefit will be adjusted back to the full monthly amount now that I am paying my fair share of the household expenses.

Thank you,

Jim Poop

[Jim Poop's Signature]

Bob Poop

[Bob Poop's Signature]

Today's date: June 1, 2020

Bob Poop's phone number if you need to confirm this information with him: XXX-XXX-XXXX

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