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Define "working". I've spent 3 hours reading and watching reviews on the 2990WX and 2950X. 2990WX is a bad inconsistent CPU that has been overhyped just like the Fury X. This is what happens when you want to put as many cores as you can and not worry about latency and memory bandwidth.

"Because the CPU wasn't designed for gaming"

Says who? You do realize anyone can label any CPU whether it's designed for gaming or not? And AMD fanboys tried to justify the 1800X and 2700X like that too because they can't bear to see a 7700K or 8700K destroy their new CPUs in gaming.

AMD says so

What's next the 9900K isn't a gaming CPU because it has 8 cores? I don't see anyone saying the 7980XE a non-gaming CPU? Where's that? How far are you willing to dig yourself to try and justify AMD's horrible gaming performance compared to the competition.

Truth to the matter is any CPU is a gaming CPU.

And any CPU is a workstation CPU.

And any CPU is a rendering CPU.

There's no CPU "designed for X/Y/Z".

That's like saying a GTX 1080 Ti is designed for 4K when clearly it's not.

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