TIL In 2007, Keira Knightley was awarded £3,000 ($6,000) in damages from a lawsuit against Daily Mail for publishing an article about her having anorexia nervosa and added another £3,000 to this amount to donate to Beat, a charity for those who suffer mental illness and eating disorders.

Can’t really blame people that much though, the shit is shoved in our faces everywhere and is created by people who know the psychology of addiction and attention and cater specifically to it. That’s why click bait is such a popular thing even though it’s scummy. it hijacks the natural instinct of curiosity and holds the “relief” hostage behind a headline.

I like to think I’m pretty strong-willed and hate that stuff to the point I consider it a legitimately evil thing, but sometimes I catch myself getting sucked in and have to consciously pull/drag my eyes away from those magazines in the checkout line at the grocery store. Yesterday I stared at a cover of Miley and Liam Thor’s-Brother getting married. My eyes were glued to something I don’t even care about, analyzing the details of their face, “Oh wow, her gums show a lot when she smiles. He’s not a bad looking guy, looks just like his brothe—

“Sir, are you ready to pay.”

Soon as I’m done analyzing and judging celebrities over the minute details of their appearance and relationship choices, can you gimme a minute!!

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