TIL about Herbert Kleber, who pushed for evidence-based addiction treatment, not punishment and moralisms. This approach treated addiction as a medical condition instead of a failure of moral character, and helped prevent relapses, saving countless lives and transforming substance abuse treatment.

Again, I'm sorry your experience seems to largely have been negative despite your continued attendance. I would just urge you to reconsider irrationally pushing other people who may be in need of help away from the program. Let people make their own decisions. What is your investment in trashing the program just because your friend cant decipher good advice from bad advice? You can get bad advice from anyone - doctors, counselors, priests, family, friends... addiction is not an exact science.

The fact that you feel the need to be online attempting to make people feel the negativity you feel towards the program quite honestly speaks to your continued need to control the world around you in order to feel comfortable with yourself. ;)

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