TIL that after being called a nerd on the internet by John Anderson, Russell Tavares got in his car, drove 1,300 miles, and burned down Anderson's trailer.

unregistered firearms

I find it surprising that someone who apparently owned a shotgun and worked with guns in the Navy would believe in the myth of a firearm registry. Or I suppose it was different in the Navy which you apparently joined at 18, and since then you're a felon and federally barred from owning firearms for life so you wouldn't really know about civillian firearm ownership would you.

Anyways you're a nerd, fight me IRL fagget. No, but for real it is funny seeing the subject of the article comment on it, but you're a bit late and few people are going to see your posts (though me commenting will make it a bit more visible). Condiser doing an AMA on /r/IamA, I'd recomend putting int he title something like "I'm the guy who' drove 1,300 miles to burn down a trailer after being called a nerd" even if that isn't what happened just so people know what exactly you are referring to.

Q: In another comment you said something about a detective visiting Anderson and finding something out that you believe contributed to your early release? Can you explain because it's not very clear. Specifically about how Anderson wasn't really the victim. This is the part of your comment I am referring to:

The detective assigned to the case paid Anderson a personal visit after the subpoena showing him the extent of what had happened on yafro, and his words to Anderson were, as he told me, "You need to find yourself another goddamned hobby." This despite having to treat him as the victim because of the nature of the case... He really didn't WANT to. I suspect the good-ol-boy system passed word of what actually happened around, because I got paroled in under 2 1/2 years on a 7 year sentence. I guess you can read between the lines on that one...

Maybe I just suck at reading between the lines but I don't get it. Also what do you do these days for work?

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