Serious question

Okay. This was humiliating to put out there. I'm gonna delete the post in a while. I just wanted some help. I've got no insurance left and can't afford docs. My whole body goes into shock my jaw locks up, my left side goes numb, I feel pains everywhere. I've been to the er and they say my blood pressure skyrockets and I go into a near death state. Even more embarrassing evacuating my bowels helps a little bit just for a minute or two. But my understanding is that is the worst pressure on your heart. I get to points with extreme energy and nearly faint. I pace and stretch muscles and I feel like my heart is punching my ribs. I've tried breathing exercises unfortunately nothing had ever come close to shots of drugs in the er to calm me. I'm just looking for someone to give me some technique to calm my body. My mind is always calm and that might be the worst part. It's the uncontrollable parts I can't handle. I've been in a near plane crash and laughed, had weapons pulled on me and didn't care. In situations where everybody else panics I find humor, but watching a sitcom and out of nowhere I feel like my chest is gonna pop and the left side of my body is gonna cease to function. My thinking dims to the state of fight or flight and there's nowhere to run and nothing to fight. Even my lips tingle. The breathing in a bag does nothing. Xanex helps but i take it so seldomly. I've only got about 8 mg left from a prescription from a year ago. I only use it when is really really bad. Even then it takes about an hour to calm. (At 1mg) been thinking about smoking weed (not sure what that would do and I'm s little scared) I'm an alcoholic and that certainly fixes it but... well that's a whole problem on its own when i drink... honestly it's my best remedy. But I don't want that. I could drink all day and feel amazing but we all know what happens then.

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