TIL Link, from The Legend Of Zelda, was originally intended to have a button nose similar to Mario, but the wife of game designer Yoshiaki Koizumi convinced him to change it to a sharper one because she thought Nintendo didn't have enough handsome characters.

I like watching anime. Ive beaten off to cartoon porn before. So what? I also have a full time job living on my own debt free. I also go out and drink occasionally with coworkers and friends. I also go for a run to 4x a week stay in shape. I rave my face regularly to look good. I do not own a single body pillow, much less one with a cartoon character on it. I do not have any figurines or wallpapers either. Yes, there are some weirdos out there. Theres always people that take everything and anything too far. Feminism, religion, race, entertainment, etc. The minority does not speak for the majority. Please do not group a bunch of people and label them. That's god teir ignorance.

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