TIL Mars Inc., maker of Snickers, Milky Way, M&Ms, Skittles and other candies, remains a privately-held company wholly owned by the Mars family. The Mars family is reclusive and rarely gives interviews, and in 2020 the estimated combined wealth of the family totaled over $125B.

I think this is true for people who make under maybe 250k? Because once you get over a certain number you can participate and not feel like a loser. I bought my off grid property and became very close friends with my neighbor out there who told me his annual bills are $1800. He is basically homeless but owns this land and lives in a tiny house on it he built. We worked together all summer building shit and one day k said yeah I think I’m going to buy a f350 on my way home today. He said have you researched which one to get? I said no I’ll just grab whatever they have on the lot. Next day I show up and he sees I have a brand new $100,000 truck and we drifted apart pretty much that day. Haven’t spoken to him since last fall.

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