TIL Simon & Garfunkel's first album was so unsuccessful on the charts that the duo split. Their producer took one of the songs from the album, overdubbed/remixed it without their knowledge or permission, and "The Sounds of Silence" became a hit. The duo made four more albums.

(if they are known, which is dubious to me)

Are you implying that because you haven't heard of them that they aren't known? The rest of your comment is a nice clarification for people not familiar, but Feelin' Groovy was a big hit even though Harpers Bizarre didn't go on to greater heights. And after they broke up their frontman went on to become a renowned producer of hit records by the Doobie Brothers, Van Halen and others. They're very much a known group.

If you aren't older than stone or a particular fan of 60s pop it's understandable to not be familiar but this stuff isn't esoteric just because you don't know about it. Jesus, your comment really makes me feel ancient. Pop songs like Feelin' Groovy and Red Rubber Ball remind me of my childhood.

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