TIL Thomas Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence contained a passage that condemned slavery as one of the many evils foisted upon the colonies by the British crown.

I mean if this was true then that means people are just pieces of shit honestly, why is it that we give them an excuse and say "Well we would have done it too" but yet there were still people who literally were against slavery back then because they knew it was bad thing to do even though it would have backfired them, just because it was back in those days and are in those circumstances doesn't give anyone the excuse to make people as slaves

Just because your rich it doesn't give you the right to do it, and even if you did saw the wrongs about slavery why in the hell would you still keep them even after writing a piece about how bad it is and keep them throughout your entire life

There is no reason to give these people an excuse to own slaves especially when back then there were still people who saw it as a bad thing, stop giving these people excuses and accept that they were just assholes and learn from the past

There is no reason to give these people an excuse and put yourself in their shoes and say "I would of done it too" it just shows your the same piece of shit as they are

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