TIL that until 1974, a married American woman couldn't have a credit card in her own name, without her husband's permission.

So... you are saying that men and women are killed at the same rate during war?

Oh, I see, suferring only counts when is the suffering off poor white men that get drafted to fight wars over oil in the middle east.

Did the Soviets or Warsaw pact fight wars in the middle east over oil?

FYI women fought in the eastern front, you know... the front that actally made it to Berlin.

No, sweetie, split tails didn't fight. Less than 3% of military forces were womyns. Almost all of those girlies hid in the rear with the gear, where all ladies go in times of war. They were mainly hospital workers. The number of soviet ladies who fought was a little over 0.000092% of the military force.

Working class women always had it worse than men. Source: every history book, ever.

Yet you couldn't cite even one.


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