Toddler killed by stray bullet in Oakland highway shooting

I've lived in West Oakland, Fruitvale, Ivy/Haddon Hill, Jingletown, Telegraph. I have close friends that live in Dimond, Adam's Point, Downtown, Montclaire, Glenview, etc.

I've lived all around the Bay Area for 35+ years and Oakland is the ONLY place where I got to witness a murder out front of my place, have homeless break into the building and hold a neighbor hostage, have packages stolen weekly from inside, have 2 motorcycles stolen from gated lots/garages, had a friend's wife get raped in broad daylight, seen joy-ridden/abandoned vehicles ditched on my street every couple weeks, I hear gunshots about once a week, have hoards of "12-o-clock boys" rip through bike lanes and red lights, hear burnouts/donuts literally every night, in 2 years I've seen 15+ uncontrolled fires break out at homeless shantytowns, the road conditions are the worst I've experienced literally anywhere, Alameda County is LITERALLY the most dangerous place in northern California.

No one said anything about "white suburbs," get your head out of your ass and accept that your hometown objectively sucks anus and the most anyone who loves to tout about being a local ever actually does is stick a fucking Oaklandish sticker on their car.

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