This is the toned down version...

Covid widowers won’t join the fight to end the pandemic because they do get shamed. Do you honestly think we would be ready to speak out when we know that people are so angry and divided over this whole subject? Have you watched the news lately? There are many survivors/family members on there begging people to get vaccinated. Has it made a difference??

Another FYI: I’m fully vaxxed. I’m not a denier. Another assumption on your part.

You see things your way and again not putting yourself in the surviving family members shoes. We had nothing to do with their decision, yet we get the nasty comments and hatred from people. As a “doctor” I’m sure you realize you can talk until you are blue in the face and some people are not going to listen. Didn’t you say yourself that they just double down? Yeah they do. It doesn’t hurt any less for their spouse or children when they’re gone. Peace to you and I hope at some point you can try to put yourself in the shoes of a surviving family members and think about what that must be like. ✌️

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