It took exactly one (1) week for Elden Ring fans to return to their instincts once fed.

I think that if someone wants to play DS on easy mode, they should be able to.

I also think that Dark Souls would be pretty boring if it were easy. So in a weird way I'm holding two conflicting beliefs, where I think people should play the game they want, but I'm kind of happy that there is no easy mode because then people aren't getting stuck with a crappy game. For me it's not about being or getting good or whatever, I just feel like a Dark Souls on easy mode would totally suck the magic out of the game. And like another poster said, it's not like a lot of RPGs where you miss out on some grand narrative. The best story in the game is you, the player, going up against something that might seem impossible at times and prevailing.

But at the same time, if someone wants to play something I think is boring, it's not up to me to get in their way.

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