It took this guy 8 minutes to pass a semi going 65 in a 75 you should have seen the line of traffic backed up for miles behind this idiot that's why there is a law no camping in the left lane

When I was new at my job many years ago I did a run with an old timer, we drove for hours on a two lane highway with him driving ten Kms under the speed limit the whole way. A line of traffic so long behind us…

The odd person was able to pass and would often be honking and flipping the bird (I was slumped in the passenger seat trying to hide my face). He also didn’t buckle his seat belt or even have the courtesy to buckle it behind his back so the endless dinging would stop.. He was also 100% grey rock emotionless through this entire debacle.

Pretty sure he was a serial killer. I diplomatically tried to see what was up and spoke to all above issues but my man was a brick wall.

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