I took a year out of university to work on my dream game full-time! I loved playing a certain Bethesda RPG when I was growing up, so decided to make my own. Stormrite's Steam page is up, and can be wishlisted now!

The goalposts are shifting massively here lol.

The point is that a Blockchain is public. You can put an entry into any database you want but if it's not public people can't see it. Blockchain is literally just a publicly visible and trustworthy database.

How will blockchain prevent this without a team of lawyers to sue the crap out of anyone that tries?

Wut? Are you serious? Do you think there's like a company out there called Blockchain that hires lawyers or something?

If you owned something on the Blockchain and someone else tried to use your image for profit you'd hire a lawyer and take them to court. In exactly the same way messi would???


C'mon man. It's fine to not like something but intentional ignorance doesn't look good on anybody.

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