Turkey confirms strikes on Syrian border ahead of offensive: report

Middle East was violent way before intervention. You should know that if your from Turkey. Istanbul was conquered in 1453 and became part of the caliphate. Prior to that it was the Byzantine Empire. Islam spread from Mecca, threw Arabia, Chechnya to the North, India to the East, across Africa, into Spain and southern France in less than 100 years after Islam was created. It wasn't by handing out daisies, so much as the sword, intimidation, subjugation by poll taxes or killing them if they refused.

Islam has always had Jihad, it has always thought of itself as the final revelation. For three centuries Baghdad and the Islamic world was the most educated, civilised part of the world. Europe was the most violent place in the Middle Ages and we were crazy bastards. We recognise how bad that was, we call it the dark ages. Islam still celebrates its early conquests and imperialism as if they should be proud of it.

Nah, you guys need to look in the mirror a bit and wonder whether believing in Jihad and Martyrdom is a good idea when we have guns and extremely powerful weaponry. No doubt the West has many flaws and every day the task is to try and be better and get beyond our more repulsive behaviour. That is progress. Islam seems to be proud that it doesn't change. Yeah, you take religion too seriously, whereas we had the good sense to blow it off.

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