Turkey's birth rate drops below 2.0 for the first time in history. There is now not a single European country with a fertility rate above replacement level.

I am attacking one of your arguments, where you said how being blond and having light eyes means you are European. You even posted a link to the video about Ottoman family to show us how they look, so please, stop trying to dodge it now and pretend that you never made the appearance to be important. But it really just shows how you don't really know how people look around Mediterrean and MENA beyond stereotypes. No, Europeans are not just blond with light hair. No, MENA people are not just brown with black hair and eyes. You can find fair people with light hair and blue eyes up to Iran. Ramesses II, Egypt's pharaoh was a redhead. So of course Turkish people would have many of such people as well, especially with the added bonus of assimilated Balkan people who were expelled there during Balkan wars.

I also don't really get this weird idea that once a country got a foot on a European continent, it's now a European country. Turkey originated in Asia, it's culture originated in Asia, it's main population lives in Asia, the vast majority of the country is in Asia, it's capital is in Asia but they hold a small piece of European land that they got by conquest and now they are European? Why? What's wrong with being Asian? Why doesn't it work the opposite way? Spain holds some land in Africa, why they aren't African? France has a territory in South America that's as big as 15% of their country, why aren't they South American? What is this with European superiority complex?

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