Do you get turned off by book snobbery?

You have to understand that most people aren't literary. Far more people are going to be reading those kinds of books than something more worthy of discussion.

There's nearly four million subscribers on this sub, and I'd wager that less than a million of them have any interest in literary fiction. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, in itself; but for those of us more literary-minded it is admittedly disappointing.

This is a dramatization of the average Redditor's posting process:

On their Kindle Fire HD carousal some books titles can be seen between the plethora of games and social networking apps. The Fault in Our Stars (100%), The Name of the Wind (32%), *Blood Meridian (5%), Horns (92%), Skin Game (86%), City of Heavenly Fire (96%).

They make a post.

Having trouble getting into Blood Meridian...

Is the story worth sludging through McCarthy's prose? I can't stand the way he writes. I definitely prefer a more traditional narrative.

They open Fault in Our Stars (100%). When they close it to go back to Reddit the percentage is at 7%.

Their post has a 72% rating. Ugh, everyone on this sub is such a snob. "You can't appreciate real literature," they tell me. More like I know the difference between a good book and a book that tries too hard.

They delete the post. Going through the other threads they see a criticism against YA.

They comment: Some people enjoy different things. I'm a huge book lover and I read mostly YA. I honestly don't get what people see in books like Blood Meridian or Anna Karenina.

They check their Facebook. Their best friend is going through a breakup and makes a status obliquely referencing this. They comment: Text me.

They open Fault in Our Stars again. When they get a text the percentage has gone to 19%.

What's up, the text says.

Just reading. :), they reply.

Haha of course. Your such a reader. I don't no how you do it. Books are so boring.

Yeah, I can see why you feel like that. I think if I'm honest I prefer movies. Like, I can watch How to Train Your Dragon all day!

They check their comment rating on Reddit. 23 upvotes! Nice. Some people are just snobs, one person comments, with 13 upvotes. They comment back, I know, right?

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