Just me, or was IT really too long?

I had trouble with the ending. The first 1000 pages were really good though. Loved the different styles, Mike's notes, each person's background and fears being shown. We see lots of bullying, racism, and homophobia shown in different episodes. It was great up until the scene. I thought the scene where Bev forces all her friends to have sex with her was out of place and very unnecessary. They could've just rested for a minute to get energy back to figure out how to get out of the tunnels, or played a game to tire themselves out. I don't see how everybody having sex with her helped them. And, the book said that they saw the entity as a giant spider because they couldn't handle seeing its actual form. So its babies wouldn't actually be spiders and able to be stomped on and killed I would think...like what happened. Or maybe the kids saw them as spider eggs which made them able to be killed?

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